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Orange County Feargrounds

Orange County Feargrounds is located on the historic Lloyd's Dairy Barn in Efland, NC.  Lloyd's Dairy host events including weddings, reunions and fundraising events throughout the year.  We welcome you to our third annual Orange County Feargrounds and our inaugural year of our haunted hayride.  A portion of the proceeds from each ticket purchase will benefit local youth and nonprofit organizations throughout Orange County.  On site we provide lots of fun and scares.  Come prepared for an experience you won't forget....  

2022's charities are below:

October 28th      Clover Garden Band & YMCA Youth

October 29th      Cedar Ridge High School Band, Red Cross Club & YMCA Youth  

Other Nonprofits include

Meridian Community Foundation

Delta Zeta Sorority

Let us know if your charity is interested in volunteering and we can make you a donation.

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